Meet the Board

Amelia Thorpe

Amelia has been involved with Fierté Fredericton Pride for several years. This is her third year on the board and she’s eager to be involved in building new relationships with the community to help shape the future of Pride. Amelia has extensive experience working with queer, trans, and non-binary youth. She has worked with numerous not-for-profit and advocacy groups in three provinces and served four years on the board of directors of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health. Amelia is a PhD candidate at the University of New Brunswick and holds an MEd from the University of Toronto. Her research is centered on identity, language, and connectivity within sexual and gender minority communities. She brings experience in education, policy, advocacy, and community support to the board as well as a passion for making pride increasingly accessible, inclusive, and intergenerational. 


Jonathan Blanchard

Jonathan is a baker by trade (that’s why he’s so sweet). He also does Burlesque with snap a Burlesque review. While some of you may know him, many are likely to know him by his stage name Venom Devine, under which he performs at one of the local bars in Fredericton regularly (that’s his spicy side). He started helping Fredericton pride in its founding year of 2009. Over the years he has held many titles including secretary, vice chair, chairman and drag coordinator in order to help make a great pride season.


Caen Squires

Caen Squires (They/Them/Theirs) is the Inclusion & Diversity Lead for Fierté Fredericton Pride as well as an Atlantic Regional Director for Fierté Canada Pride. They identify as a white, non-binary / gender non-conforming Queer residing on the unsurrendered and unceded traditional lands of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) and Mi’kmaq Peoples. They enjoy rainy days, steeped tea, and curling up in cozy blankets reading graphic novels. As a Graphic Designer & Marketing / Branding / Communications consultant by trade, Caen has experience in community engagement & capacity building, risk assessment and education/facilitation – they work primarily with non-profit organizations, community groups and student-led initiatives while engaging openly with the public, through public speaking engagements and volunteer community education outreach, around Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Their primary focuses are around building 2SLGBTQIA+ competencies, highlighting the complexities/contexts of living and thriving as a person with mental illness, and actively engages through story/narrative sharing around their experiences in living a Queer life. They are a co-coordinator of a monthly Q&A around sexuality/safe sex/best practices in dynamic relationships as well as BDSM/Kink based activities through a Queer lens. Caen is also a graduate student nearing completion of a master’s degree in Adult Education, with a focus on Queering Educational practice. This is Caen’s second year volunteering with Fierté Fredericton Pride.


Linsay Nickum

Linsay is a local tattoo artist, graphic/webdesigner, musician and traditional artist. She attended NBCCD to pursue studies in digital design, completing the foundation certificate program, as well as the intergrated media program. She is currently working hard to make all the graphicy goodness pride could ever need. While this is the first year Linsay has been part of the Fierte Fredericton Pride Board, she did volunteer in the same manner during the first Fredericton pride. Through her part on the board, primarily, she hopes to help keep the community up to date with all available events and resources, but also hopes to improve the accessibility and general experience. She believes that the job of pride is to be an ultimate hub of support to the community. She also really likes hamburgers, radlers, and watching Netflix until it asks if you’re okay.