Shortly after COVID-19 restrictions were introduced in New Brunswick, Fierté Fredericton Pride was grateful to receive a Community Grant from the Tegan and Sara Foundation to fund our proposed project, Visions of Pride

Visions of Pride is a collaborative community art project that started in May 2020. We purchased supplies from Endeavours Art Stuff, a local queer-owned art store with whom we were excited to partner. We created numerous art kits that included acrylic or watercolour paper, drawing pens, pencils, erasers, brushes, and single paint colour (acrylic or watercolour), delivered by the Pride co-chairs. Each participant was provided with an art kit and instructed to create an individual piece of artwork depicting their “vision of pride,” encouraging self-expression, solidarity, and community-building through the sharing of work. These individual pieces come together to create a collaborative mosaic in the colours of the progress pride flag.

While we have not yet had the opportunity to go ahead with an in-person show, we have created a Virtual Gallery to showcase the lovely work created by local community members. The Virtual Gallery will continue to grow as additional pieces are submitted. We look forward to organizing a gallery show in the near future when it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so. 

We are grateful to all folx who participated and shared their work! We thank the Tegan and Sara Foundation for their support of this project and our partner, the local art store Endeavours Art Stuff. 

Check out our Visions of Pride – Virtual Gallery!

A square image featuring the words "Visions of Pride," depicted in glowing turquoise cursive in the style of a neon sign, with pink and orange accents, against a brick wall that fades from purple to pink. Below this image there is a dark purple banner on which there are three logos in white. From left to right they include: the geometric heart-shaped Fredericton Pride logo, a square Tegan and Sara Foundation logo, and the Endeavours Art Stuff logo, featuring the store name in the outline of a tube of paint.